Periods……… an uncomfortable subject! It shouldn’t be uncomfortable to talk about, EVERY WOMAN has to go through this each month! I got my period when I was 12, I am 25 now. I have gotten 156 periods! I lived in a house with ALL girls (besides my dad). Here are my favorite tips from the thirteen years I have been menstruating!

  • Wear play shorts when you are on your period. It allows an extra layer of protection, and makes the pad more uncomfortable
  • Take ibuprofen BEFORE your period starts!
  • TRACK your period! No one wants to have a surprise period!
  • Always have a pad, tampon, pantyliner, etc everywhere you go! You never know when something will happen and if it does you will always have some kind of supplies.
  • Know how to make a DIY pad!
    • fold toilet paper into pad shape then wrap toilet paper around your underwear.
    • Another way is to use you sock as the pad. You will need to stuff it with toilet paper then strap it into your underwear.

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